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Meeting Room Policy

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Meeting rooms are available at the Abbeville, Kaplan and Erath Branches of the Vermilion Parish Library.

The primary purpose of these meeting rooms is to provide space for activities and programs related to the library’s programs and use; therefore programs and activities produced and sponsored by the library are given first priority for use of all meeting rooms.

The use of the library’s meeting room(s) is a privilege; therefore one must adhere to the
policy provided herein. In order to use the meeting room(s), organizations must complete an application in accordance with the directions and guidelines outlined in this policy.

The fact that the Vermilion Parish Library and the Vermilion Parish Library Board of Control have authorized a group to meet in the library does not constitute endorsement or sponsorship of the organizations or the views/beliefs expressed by the group as a whole or by individual participants in the meeting. The name and address of the library MAY NOT be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization.

Persons requesting meeting room space must have a current Vermilion Parish Library card. The Vermilion Parish Library reserves the right to request documentation of a Non-Profit Organization or of any organization. Upon request by the Vermilion Parish Library Staff or Board of Control the non-profit organization MUST PROVIDE non-profit status by PROOF of a non-profit tax certificate and the organization’s by laws or constitution. Upon request by the Vermilion Parish Library Staff or Board of Control any organization may be asked to provide the following documentation: registration with the Secretary of State, copy of the Organization’s Charter, 501c3 documentation and the organization’s website (website is optional). Organizations or groups must consist of a minimum of three members.

Contact information for the person reserving the meeting room must be valid and up-to-date at all times.

If any question is raised about the goals or activities of any organization, group or individual requesting use of the Library’s meeting room, the Library Board of Control shall be the final authority in granting or denying permission for use of the room. Any group using the Library’s meeting room must act in compliance with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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